AM TANK-Tank with four wheels and a turret on top. The turret can't turn.
HOVER TANK-Futuristic tank.
MECH-Walking tank.
FORCEFIELD-Deflects anything that comes near you. Will get destroyed after being shot loads of times (unless invincible).
SNIPERRIFLE-Rifle from original Scribblenauts.
COLEOPTER-Like a spacerocket.
HELICOPTERBACKPACK-Metal backpack with a propeler on it.
INVISIBILITYCLOAK-Makes you invisible.
TIGERSHARK-Fierce shark.
ME/MAXWELL/CLONE/DOPPELGANGER-A clone of you (the doppelganger)
MAXWELL'SNOTEBOOK-Makes random objects.
HYDRA-Three headed dragon dinosaur thing.
ROBOTZOMBIE-Half robot half zombie.
GHOSTHUNTER-Hunts ghosts
SPACESHUTTLE-A space shuttle (well no!), very fast (crazy fast with 'FAST' adjective)
ROBOSAUR-Robot Dinosaur
TWO ONE SEVEN-Giant picture (scenery) featuring Maxwell on a Trex
ENEMYFIGHTERJET-Fighter jet that looks better
SHOGGOTH-Giant blue monster
YO MAMA-unknown